Our Real User Monitoring for online banking allows banks to have the most accurate point of view of their service is used, while comparing themselves with the competition.

Real User Monitoring for online banking

Real User Monitoring gives the business the most accurate end-user point of view about how the online banking system is working, compared with the competition.

Main features of eqanimus


eqanimus provides metrics including availability, response time and functionality of a representative set of the retail and enterprise banks online banking.


Deep breakdown of all key elements of the online banking system of the customer and the competition with root-cause analysis.


Sector Benchmark from technical and functional point of view.


Including all relevant information for the customer.

Case study:Sabadell

Banco Sabadell chooses Eurobits monitoring platform to improve the QoS of their online banking

Using eqanimus service, Banco Sabadell's electronic banking has complemented its internal monitoring systems with an external and independent point of view, achieving better availability, response times and, ultimately, customer satisfaction.

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