Case study: Gobierno de La Rioja

eFactura service for Gobierno de la Rioja

Through eFactura service provided by Eurobits, the Rioja Regional Government offers Riojan suppliers of public entities a portal for import and invoice creation (in a simple fashion through a form). The Rioja Regional Government is attached to the Eurobits portal and to the FACe platform that manages all the invoices of the Rioja Regional Government.

Benefits for the client

A single channel for suppliers' invoice entry.

A platform complying with the legislation in force.

Delegated signature that allows the supplier to electronically sign the invoices without the client needing an electronic certificate.

Goals accomplished

Improvement in the quality of the eFactura service

Management of a high invoice volumes from the Rioja Regional Government through the eFactura platform: an average of 14,000 monthly invoices, and the number is growing.


“We have found an ideal technological partner in Eurobits e-Invoicing Service.

In 2009 we realised that to be able to better serve our suppliers and community we would have to take a big step forward in technological solutions.

Eurobits e-Invoicing service offered an integrated web service portal to channel all our electronic invoicing requirements, leading us from project design to implementation in a matter of months.

Their ability to respond rapidly and efficiently to changes in legal requirements and service usage has been key to our continued trust in their service.”

Emilio Rodríguez Priego
General Director for Technologies
Gobierno de la Rioja

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