Case study: Fintonic

Massive and live financial aggregation, feeding data to Fintonic

Eurobits Financial Aggregation Platform

Fintonic is the reference application in Spain for the help and improvement of the management of personal finances.

Fintonic relies on the Eurobits Financial Aggregation Platform for daily and automatic recovery of the banking positions that its users maintain in the financial institutions with which they work. Eurobits provides Fintonic with data that pivots all application functionalities such as alerts, cost categorization or recommendations.

Benefits for customer

Manage large volumes of users and service mission-critical applications.

With complete functional coverage in terms of information retrieved from financial products (accounts, cards , deposits, securities, funds, pension plans, loans, etc.).

With the support of a human team with a great deal of practical knowledge, both in technology and business, in terms of aggregation, with real and proven experience during years of operation with clients and real projects.

Real and expert financial aggregation

Eurobits has been accompanying Fintonic since its inception in its growth both in Spain, expanding the coverage of Entities and Products, and its recent international expansion. Fintonic is adding through Eurobits in Fintonic Chile and soon it will also in new countries.

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