Case study: Bankia

Improving customers experience and monitorizing onine banking

eFactura service for Bankia

Bankia has implemented eFactura system (electronic invoicing) of Eurobits Technologies in all its billing processes, both for receipt of invoices and for the launching.

We emphasize the achievement of the three goals that were decided when implementing an Electronic Billing System in Bankia.

Benefits for customer

Reduce the average number of days of payment for suppliers.

Reduce the negative impact on the environment by saving on the use of paper.

Digitize and reduce operating costs associated with billing processes to be more efficient.

Goals accomplished

As of December 2016, more than 80% of the total invoices received by Bankia are electronic invoices. If we take into account that the reception of each invoice has a cost of reception and management of 2.5 Euros, we can see the scope and improvement in the efficiency obtained by Bankia with the management of the Eurobits Technologies e-Factura system.

Eurobits Technologies offers customized integration solutions for any billing and ERP software in the market. In this way Bankia's suppliers can have a greater integration so that from their own billing software automatically sends the electronic invoices to Bankia.

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