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The new law of electronic invoicing comes into effect

16 agosto, 2018

Last July came into force the new law of electronic invoicing that mainly affects subcontractors who work with the main contractor who in turn provides services to Public Administrations (AAPP).

From now on, the subcontractor must bill electronically whenever the amount is greater than 5,000 euros. In this way, the obligation to submit electronic invoices is extended. Since 2015 it was only the main contractors who were required to submit electronic invoices. The presentation of these invoices must be done through the new Registro Electrónico Unificado.

Spain, a pioneer country

In this way Spain becomes one of the first countries to implement the mandatory use of digital invoices. Although in the Spanish case, the obligation only affects transactions B2G (business to government) and their respective subcontractors.

To allow the providers of the Public Administrations the remission of their invoices, each Administration will have its own points of receipt of invoices. In this way, it offers them the possibility of adhering to the General Point of Entry of Electronic Invoices of the General State Administration (FACe) as a single door of entry of invoices, or in parallel with a point of their own.

Benefits of electronic invoices

"The entry into force of this law is a good opportunity for Eurobits and subcontracting companies that are working with the main contractor companies that are within the Public Administration," says Aissa El Hammouti Ifi, product owner of Eurobits eFactura. "Also, we can provide our customers, who already invoice through us, the sending or receiving of this type of invoices without having to make external connections".

According to the Ministry of Finance, until the end of June, the number of electronic invoices submitted through FACe to the different Public Administrations (AAPP) is 29,229,029 with an amount of 137,080,890,739 euros. Other studies indicate that it has been possible to save more than 1,200 million euros and more than 660 thousand hours in the management of invoices. This new law will indirectly increase B2B2G billing.

"Those who have not yet used this type of billing, and are now forced to do so, will see the enormous benefits of using electronic invoicing," adds Aissa.

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