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16 agosto, 2018

The new law of electronic invoicing comes into effect

Last July came into force the new law of electronic invoicing that mainly affects subcontractors who

04 julio, 2018

Eurobits and Borrox will facilitate the financing of SMEs

Eurobits and Spanish non-bank financing company Borrox will work together to facilitate the financin

11 junio, 2018

Telecom companies and banking

In a previous post, we talked about the bigtech and their intention to start offering financial serv

11 mayo, 2018

Eurobits receives the best ISV of the year award at the Ecosystem Summit 2018 organized by IBM

Under the claim "The future is ours. The moment is now ", coined by the president of IBM S

05 abril, 2018

Will bigtech be the new banks?

New technologies are changing everything. The rise of social media and smartphones have changed our

14 febrero, 2018

Fintonic: a trusted advisor on smartphones

Recently a TV channel called it the Amazon of finance. Fintonic with more than five years in the mar
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