We achieve over 95% of success categorizing the banking transactions categorized while enriching the data with additional information (Third party involved, TaxID, intervener, etc.)

Categorization of banking movements

Our categorization service helps our clients to understand the behavior of their end users through their transactionality. Thus, our clients can establish KPIs that allow them to analyze risks, identify patterns or create automatic systems to advise their users, no matter they are people or companies.

Additionally, our categorizer enriches the output data not only by detecting the most appropriate category for the banking transaction, but also by identifying the intervener, the payer, the company, CIF or other data; depending on whether they are available and the type of transaction made.

This service can also be used as part of the aggregation service, categorizing the information extracted in a single transaction.



Value proposal of categorization


With 350+ different categories, we are able to reach a level of detail without like no other in the market by correctly dealing with conflicting transactions, as well as a wide range of financial products where we can separate capital, yield and commissions.


Service designed for banks where high transactionality and security are key. It allows the categorization and enrichment of several million banking transactions in a few minutes.


We enrich the result with additional information. We return the third party involved in each categorized transaction, when the data is available: Intervener, CIF, company name, originator, recipient, etc.


The service has category trees for each use case (PFM, Credit Scoring, etc.). If you have concrete needs, we may customize the category tree to your projects unique needs.

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